The Bittersweet Taste of Black Honey

It’s hard to ignore the soulful voice of Izzy B Phillips and the descending notes on the electric guitar. The nineties-esque riffs and Phillips’ powerful voice comes through my aging speakers, sounding like syrup dripping down the side of a jar. The song, “Somebody Better,” will resonate with many listeners as a song of melancholy and lost loves: “I watched you pray you wouldn’t fall in love/ Then torn apart / The buckles break are the price you paid for.” Explaining the meaning of the song to Atwood Magazine, she states “it’s more a self-sabotage in a relationship and a world around you.” Truly, they are a dream for lovers of bittersweet.

Noted for their retro sounding style, Black Honey have been praised for simple, yet impactful melodies. Having formed in 2014, the Brighton rock quartet, have been compared to everyone, from Lana Del Rey to Cowboy Junkies. However, they are their own unique blend of experimental rock and dreampop that sets them apart from their indie counterparts.

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