The Art of Ewelina Blum

Poland based digital artist, Ewelina Blum creates beautiful and moving pieces with a fantastical flair. Identifiable by their soft pastel colours and romantic style, Blum’s talent for portraiture  leaves the viewer with a sense of calmness that they didn’t have before. Tones of pink, purple and grey largely dominates, becoming vessels of delicate artistry. While this does justice to each work’s physical appearance, there are allusions to a more mythical and surreal world beyond the painting. It is hard to not look at Blum’s work and not begin to imagine a world much different to our own.

Talking about her inspirations, Blum states ‘it’s just everyday life. I’ll notice a person who has attracted my attention and will want to bring these distinctive features to life. Sometimes it may just be a pretty light, an interesting angle or even just a colour palette.’ Her ability to interpret real life into something unique, no doubt, translates into highly emotive digital paintings. Similarly, they often represent manifestations of Blum’s inner thoughts: ‘There are times when intense emotions accumulate within me and I find myself needing an outlet to execute them visually.’

More of Blum’s work can be found here and here.

All images copyright of Ewelina Blum. Used with permission.

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