Spotlight: Inkipri

Not many people can successfully convey and depict the mind’s complex thought process in the illustrated form. Feelings that are illustrated often get lost in the line formations or take themselves way too seriously. However, Inkipri, who goes by Priyaa when not using her Tumblr username, has an extraordinary ability to be able to create drawings that are direct extensions of her inner thoughts.

Priyaa’s sweet and whimsical illustrations usually take the form of stylised faces and objects, with written words depicting a wide range of thoughts and moods that she experiences herself. From ideas on self-love, to the other side of the coin- the attempt at grappling with loneliness, it’s easy to come away from Priyaa’s drawings feeling warm and fuzzy. The simple style of line art means that her work is always accessible and as a result, Priyaa’s artwork is relatable to almost every person who comes across it.

You can check more of Inkipri’s work on her Tumblr and her Instagram.


Images c/o Inkipri. Used with permission.




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  1. Her style is indeed perfectly described by the word ‘whimsical’. Really pretty — and also kind of unpolished in a way. That’s something I truly adore. Thanks for sharing! Do you know the Dutch illustrator Lieke from I’ve got the feeling you might like her as well.

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