Thirty Days of Art Prompts

I’ve often found myself with the urge to draw, but feel frustrated when I have no idea what to put down on the paper. As a result, I usually leave a sketchbook page blank before I’ve even started! I’ve decided to compile a list of daily art prompts to encourage a full thirty days of creativity and hope you’ll be able to be inspired too. Countless scientific studies into creativity demonstrates that creating something daily has huge benefits not only for our health, but also for our mind as well. From positive influences over our mental health, to improving artistic skill bit by bit, daily art sessions (no matter how short) can only help us improve. So, set up your paintbrushes, sharpen your pencils or load up photoshop. Find a table/ chair/ lair to set up shop in. Maybe blast your favourite playlist? Do whatever you need to do to get creative with these prompts!

The Prompts

Day 1: Draw a human eye

Day 2: Recreate a children’s book cover

Day 3: Create a repeating pattern

Day 4: Only use varying shades of blue

Day 5: Draw the moon

Day 6: Create a section of Mandala print

Day 7: Sketch the first image to appear on your Tumblr dashboard

Day 8: Pink hair

Day 9: Paint something to represent your mood

Day 10: An upwards perspective

Day 11: The room you currently occupy

Day 12: An image inspired by a song

Day 13: A drawing to accompany a poem

Day 14: Art supplies

Day 15: Sunflowers

Day 16: Find a building that inspires you

Day 17: A stained glass window

Day 18: Collar bones or shoulders

Day 19: Your zodiac sign

Day 20: Neon butterfly

Day 21: Dr. Martens

Day 22: Draw the first thought when you wake up

Day 23: Someone’s portrait

Day 24: Paint the colours of the sunset

Day 25: Recreate an artist’s painting

Day 26: Your dream ball gown

Day 27: A candle

Day 28: An iconic photograph

Day 29: Something seen from above

Day 30: A perfume bottle

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