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Welcome to the first monthly playlist of 2018! It’s been a while since I’ve made one these- December 2017 was made by a friend, so I feel out of practice!  I’ll admit, I haven’t really been inspired by the music on offer lately and have retreated into familiar sounds and instrumentals for this month. I’ve decided not take playlisting too seriously this year and to see them more of monthly adutitory snapshots that I can revisit in years to come. I’m really excited to see what this year holds, music-wise.

In terms of the actual playlist, I’ve been listening to mellow and atmospheric instrumentals for a while now. Every single song makes me me feel warm and cosy, amongst the freezing weather and dead trees just lingering outside my window. I’ll play it whenever I feel lonely in the winter months and remind myself that summer will come back eventually.

January 2018 Playlist

20:17- Olafur Arnolds, Nils Frahm

Hallelujah (Arr. Cello & Strings)- Sheku Kanneh-Mason

The Crawl- Lanterns on the Lake

Vacation- Florist

For 12- Other Lives

Tomorrow’s Song- Olafur Arnolds

Midwayer- Joep Beving

French Catalogues- Brian Eno

Small Memory- Jon Hopkins

Ships In the Rain- Lanterns on the Lake

Party Tattoos- dodie

Sleepers Beat Theme- Ben Lukas Boysen

Cascade- Goldmund

Time For Space- Emancipator

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