December Watch List

Welcome to the December watch list, where we have found visual inspiration from all sorts of places.

Bishop Briggs – River [Official Music Video]

River was probably one of the breakthrough hits of the summer and Bishop Briggs’s video make the single even more incredible. Her beautiful, soulful voice is complimented by a series of bizarre and colourful shots which all screams of indie goodness. Texture is another key theme of the video- from red velvet capes, to lace fabrics draped over faces, to graffitied pillowcases. It’s such a fun video to just look at, even before attempting to go deeper into what the hell is going on!

Lorn- Anvil [Official Music Video]

There’s so much to say about “Anvil,” the moody track by electronic artist, Lorn. Doubling as a music video and an animated short in the style of Japanese and Belgian comics, the video tells the story of a world where overpopulation has spiralled out of control and an social network for souls has been created. The depth of detail in the animation is absolutely stunning, while the narrative plays on the idea of artificial intelligence and dystopian communities. Some intense themes for a 3-minute music video! This brief description of the video does not do it justice, so I’d like to do a much more in-depth look in the future.

Cheap Magic Inside

If you’re a fan of ethereal folk band, Beirut, then you’ll be entranced by this incredible live performance of The Flying Cup Club. Beginning on a rooftop in Brooklyn, Zach Condon plays “Call to Arms” on a trumpet and starts walking towards a stairwell. We begin to hear an orchestra play a faded intro of “Nantes,” and the real magic begins. As Condon sings around New York, his band appear in and out to play the album in its entirety. I remember my flatmate showing this to me for the first time, and ended up being hooked for the entire sixty-nine minutes.

Let It Be- A Bertie Gilbert Film

If you’re a fan of Youtubers who make short films, then Let It Be by Bertie Gilbert is perfect. The short tells the story of two estranged exes (Bertie Gilbert and Dodie Clark) who are visited by the physical embodiment of death (played by Savannah Brown). The story is wonderfully bittersweet, the cinematography is amazing and the soundtrack is surreal- I’ve made it clear that I’m a huge fan of Tom Rosenthal in the past. For those times when you’re looking for a dark, yet uplifting, film in the month of December, this should be the first thing you turn to!

Hayao Miyazaki: What You Can Imagine

YouTube is a great destination for video essays on any topics, and this one on Hayao Miyazaki is no exception. JD Thompson looks at how Miyazaki is able to great incredible scenes, emotional storylines and loveable characters that have resonated with millions across multiple generations. This essay is basically just a look at the sheer brilliance of Hayao Miyazaki in general.

i-D Meets: Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama is a Japanese-English singer based in London and is beginning to make some serious waves in the music and modelling industry. This edition of i-D Meets looks at Sawayama’s influences on her music, as well as providing a starting point for the discussion on East Asian beauty standards. She raises some interesting points about how she used to want to be white, yet now accepts and fiercely celebrates her Japanese heritage. She is becoming a force to be reckoned with. From her fluorescent orange hair, to her outlandish personal style, Sawayama has dictated her own style and is not afraid to own it. Alongside this, she is an incredibly talented pop and R&B singer.


  1. Looks amazing, so many things sound interesting! Especially the short film with Dodie, Savannah and Bertie in it (probably my favorites youtube people). Great list!

    • Ah let me when you watch them! Especially Beirut’s video! Let It Be is so good- I literally re watched three times in a row when I discovered it!

      Olivia xxx

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