December Music Edit

This is a good present to the world, and it comes early. By mixing a disjointed array of genres into one mega playlist, these songs for the first time ever are arranged in this order; and just like these words here, are unique. You know those playlists that seamlessly go through track to track? This is not one of them: the jarring is embracing disorder that keeps you, nicely, on your toes and ears. Besides, I have a irascible fondness for genre mixing since it makes every song more memorable for the difference – if I were daring I would say like people, but then I enjoy these songs more than most people; they’re always there, never disappoint, are novel.

Featuring stickily sweet ballads of the 50s like To Know Him is To Love Him, shy rock n’ roll tracks (the actual rock n’ roll kind) like Rip it Up, circular best reggae like Stir it Up, Brockhampton’s funny Sweet, and the beautiful imagery of Daydream – among so many more. This is a playlist with much to offer the curious; enjoy this December music edit. 

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