2018 Resolutions

I don’t often stick to new years resolutions. I make them with the best intentions, yet always seem to fail at keeping them, no matter the length or difficulty. 2015 saw me only make one resolution- to keep my pesky, overly large eyebrows in shape. I failed miserably, visiting the beautician once that summer and simply accepted my several brow lines that extended closer to my eye. This year, I’ve managed to work out my problem- all my resolutions were about forcing change, rather than cultivating it. My list is longer than it’s ever been, but it is based around creativity and self improvement for my mind. I hope I can make a positive impact in 2018 and look forward to creating change.

Watch at least one film every week

My knowledge of film is pretty shocking, considering almost every single person I know is a movie buff in some shape or form. Endless instances were people ask me, “you must have seen this film, it’s soooooo good,” only to recoil in shock when I admit that I haven’t seen many films. I’m really, really bad at dedicating time to watching and immersing myself in a film and this year I vow to be different. I’ve written up a list of around seventy films that people have either recommended to me or they’re films that I’ve wanted to see myself. Another primary goal is to also experience more world cinema, which also reflects itself in the choices I’ve made. Hopefully this year will be a great film year.

Read 25 books

Once again, I’m terrible at dedicating time towards reading and this is something which makes me really sad. I love picking up a book and seeing where I can be transported- I truly believe we are living in the best time for the amount of media we can consume. I’m aiming to average around two books a month so I can get a substantial number in, without pressuring myself to make up the numbers. I’m really excited about all the possibilities and book choices I will make this year! If you have an recommendations let me know, as I’d love to hear them.

Blog at least twice a week

I have so many ideas I want to explore on this site and I hope to make some real progress with the amount of content I produce. I am grateful to have the ability to write about anything I want and I get mad at myself when I don’t invest time towards this site. So hopefully 2018 will be a year when I really make my vision come true for The Kaleidoscope.

Start a Masters programme

Since graduating last year, I’ve had this constant ache to go back to university and carry on my academic journey. I initially thought I was done with education and had hit my academic peak, but in the latter half of 2017 I realised I was actually done with modern history (my undergraduate degree.)  That’s not to say I don’t like reading history, as I’ll always have a love for learning about any aspect of the past. I’ve realised I’m more into the study of the media and the creative processes that humans can undertake. I’ve applied for two masters programmes in London and I really hope that I am successful in getting onto the course.

Write something everyday

Pretty self explanatory. I’m giving myself complete freedom as to what I write about- it could be anything from a poem all the way to short story. It could even just be a single word on a page if I’m really not feeling motivated. I have a lot of ideas I’d like to explore in the written form, as well as creating some sci-fi stories in 2018.

Get more involved in the feminism movement

I’m privileged to live in London which has many things in the feminism movement going on. Whether this is attending feminist group meetings, participating in marches and protests or simply attending galleries designed to explore the feminism movement, I’m making it my goal to become an active participant in an incredibly important movement.

Explore a new part of London every week

Again, the privilege of living in London is something I must take advantage of. There are so many places to explore and have new adventures. I’ll be making a conscious effort to visit and document as many different places as I can.

Visit at least one foreign country

I’ll admit, in terms of travelling, I am very inexperienced. I’ve never left Europe and the total number of destinations I’ve visited amounts to Ireland, Cyprus, France, Hungary and The Canary Islands. This is not to say I’m ungrateful- I’m so thankful that I’ve even had the opportunity to travel. This is just me acknowledging all multitudes to places I dream of visiting. I am trying to live by the quote, ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone,’ to live a life I dream of having. To let go of the financial worries that prevent me from travelling to where I want to go, but to go further than I ever thought possible. In 2018 I’m making it my mission to visit as many places as I can, whether this is in the UK or overseas.


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  1. Nice list! Although the resolution about watching films honestly still feels a bit forced the way you write it down – as if you feel like watching more films, just because your friend all want you to be more of a movie nerd – however, if you really want to create this habit, who am I to listen to? Go for it, I’d say!
    And recommended books: I’ve discovered Haruki Murakami lately, his style is so simple yet kind of poetic in its simplicity. Strangely satisfying. And also, I’ve been reading more and more fairytales and everything related to it (Leigh Bardugo, The Language of Thorns, Arabian Nights, Grimm, you name it). Reading fairytales is also strangely satisfying – well actually not strangely, since I’ve always loved fairytales.
    I’m looking forward to all the blogs, reviews, and anything you will be producing this year, I can’t wait! Take your time, though, don’t feel stupid if something doesn’t work out. You trying it is already a great achievement.

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